Just wanted to share an excerpt from my life-story book with all of you:  (coffeetalkwithchelle.com);  “I found myself creating a bucket list and making wishes, one by one after I lost my parents.  It all began with me finding the joy of life again when I heard a song come on the radio one morning while driving to work.  “Say hey, I love you, I love you, I love you….hey Mama, hey Papa…” were the …lyrics that mostly caught my attention.  But, it was not until a few months later while watching Dave Thomas for Adoption’s “A Home for the Holidays” that I heard the familiar voice of the lead singer once again.  I googled his band name, Michael Franti and Spearhead and it led me to FrantiV on youtube (his online life-tour journey), where I watched tons of videos throughout the night.  I learned Mr. Franti and I are both reunited adoptees and he lost his father in his thirties.  Both sets of our adoptive parents were teachers.  Oh, and did I mention we also both had appendix surgeries?  Mine had not ruptured though like his did, luckily. Some of my friends tease me for referring to him as Mr. Franti as I have so much respect and admiration for this man who has helped so many causes throughout this world thru his music.  So, my first wish on my bucket list began.  I wished on my birthday (July 25, 2010) to meet him.  And on September 30th of that same year, I not only met him and his band, but I also introduced them on stage at House of Blues in Dallas.  I had entered a contest the band was hosting in search of a fan announcer for each concert along their tour.  It was amazing night I will never forget.  I felt someone hugging me with a guitar between us after the lights dimmed when I finished the introduction and heard, “I love you. Thank you so much.”  It was Mr. Franti thanking me for the kind words I had said about the band and their music.  What a wonderful way to first meet him!  My husband and I enjoyed meeting and conversing with Mr. Franti and the other bandmates after the show for almost an hour.  As we drove away, I noticed Mr. Franti sitting against a pole playing his guitar as he was recording part of his “Hey Hey Hey” music video.  I saw the band again in September 2012 and danced with them on stage then.  Hopefully, I can keep the tradition alive and try to check out their show at least once per year.  Even though listening to their songs and watching their music videos are always good for my soul, seeing them perform live takes it to another level.  I have many more wishes from my bucket list that have come true, including speaking by phone with Antwone Fisher and rapper DMC about adoption when I called into other radio shows.  I got my big break when I was granted a Media Pass and interviewed celebrities during SuperBowl 2011 weekend, including TaeBo creator Billy Blanks, actors Kevin Sorbo (Hercules), Omar Miller (CSI: Miami), Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side), singer-rappers Nelly and Lil Niqo. My biggest wish I am still trying to achieve is to meet Ellen DeGeneres and be on The Ellen Show.  I believe anything is possible.  Since I always tell others to envision a wish happening for it to be made into a reality, I created a digital “dream board” with photos of Ellen and me.  So, one day, you may be seeing me dancing with Ellen and laughing…and dancing and laughing some more.”
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