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Writing my life-story…

has been the most cathartic experience ever!  I can’t believe I’m about to share it with the world!   well, the electronic version to start out, at least….on Valentine’s Day!  PreOrder your copy now at if you’d like to receive a message of hope and love via your email inbox 2/14/13 !

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Coffee Talk with Chelle’s 3rd Year Anniversary

In honor of Coffee Talk With Chelle’s 3rd anniversary celebration today, I am asking if you will please support by donation or spread word with the Crochet4Cause fundraiser campaign? Go to

“I’m still here, you know? Love, God”

I’d lost six family members (including my parents) within six months & had two broken arms in 2008; as I was driving home from the hospital after the last of the six family members, my mother died; I saw a billboard sign that said, “I’m still here…you know?…Love, God”

I was so moved at that moment that I knew I had to keep on going somehow, someway & God helped pave that path for me with crocheting & volunteer-teaching Grief Recovery; I’m forever thankful for all He has done & will do for me in my life.

Will you please take a moment out to read my personal story & learn more about Crochet4Cause fundraiser campaign? Go to or search for “Crochet4Cause” at

Thank you for you support!

Love & Peace,


INTRODUCTION to my Life-Story Book (titled “Coffee Talk with Chelle”)

I was adopted at 13 days old, raised by two high school teacher parents, and reunited with entire biological family at 24 years old. This sums up my life in a nutshell, but there is so much more within. In 2008, I lost six family members within six months, including my adoptive parents and had two broken arms in 2008. This taught me many life lessons, and looking back now, I realize I had six guardian angels and two wings to help me fly through that tumultuous time. I have come full circle in so many ways. From an adoptee to a reunited adoptee, Grief Recovery student to GR Teacher, chatterbox to Talk Show Host, college student to graduate , daughter to motherhood thru foster care, selfish to selfless (volunteer) and so much more. I hope you will join me on this journey including the ups and downs as you read thru the various chapters of my life. And more than anything else, my wish is for you to obtain a sense of HOPE. That to me, is the best feeling and gift in the world {other than the present (now) being a present (gift)}. Hope keeps us going…gives us something to hold onto no matter how difficult something may seem. I will warn you now that not every bit of this story is all pretty as there is some nitty gritty, but we will get thru it together and at the end, I think you will find out what the saying, “Everything happens for a reason” really means.


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Dear Ellen,

Thank you for being there in my life during many difficult times. I lost six family members within six months in 2008, including my (adoptive) parents and (biological) uncle (he died on my birthday). I also had two broken arms during that time in my life (I fell on my 5th wedding anniversary). And then my neighbor/friend, JoAnn died in December 2010 and my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly January 12, 2010. And my uncle died from cancer February 2010. I went thru a Grief Recovery support class in in 2008 and have been helping assist teach these same classes since November 2008 and it has helped me tremendously. And so have you! I always know I can count on that one hour of escape from daily life each day with your show. Your sense of humor inspired me so much I auditioned for America’s Got Talent in Dallas in Jan 2010 with my “Comedy with Chelle” act. I didn’t get called back, but I finally can look back and have no regrets and know I tried! ANd I will keep trying again and again as well in all avenues of life. Thank you for always brightening up every day. My Mama would only watch your show and nothing else on t.v. the last few years of her life as she had Parkinson’s and those moments watching your show together with her are some of my fondest memories. It was her and my dream to meet you and it still is mine. Also, more recently, my biological Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (stage 3) on Oct 27th, 2010, went thru chemo,surgery,radation, & she is now NED (No Evidence of Disease)!  My bio Mom & I’ve been reunited 12 years now & I’m on her only child; we’re very close; been blessed to be neighbors these days (we’re only 10 min drive apart). And she and I discuss your show daily! It is my life dream to be on THe Ellen Show and be interviewed by you and share my story & give others hope – what do you say? Pretty please with sugar on top (unless you’re still on sugar free diet) then, you choose what goes on top? 🙂


THANKS for being you, Ellen!!!

Love & Peace, ‘Chelle

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She was my Sunshine…

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll try my best to say some. Mama taught me so much in life; sometimes by giving me advice; other times, when she said nothing at all. I watched her go thru so many surgeries while I was growing up. And she gave me the courage to get thru my own.

She loved dogs as I do now. David & I adopted a 3 month old lhasa-apso/cairne terrier mix a few weeks after my father (Papa) died. I brought “Prescott” on many occassions when I visited Mama at the nursing home. No matter what, it was just about guaranteed she would smile on those days.

Mama also had a passion for Journalism, especially Photography. I recall her stopping various places to take that special unique shot of some place, someone, and some thing and it always turned out so beautiful.

I received the passion for Journalism from her; I’ve written articles on various topics and my favorite part is when a reader of them would contact me and felt I had “Spread the Word”about a cause or something.

Photography by Mama was amazing to me as I’d look thru tons of photo albums frequently while growing up. My favorite pictures she took were not only of bluebonnets, sunsets, and other beauties of nature, but also people.

I loved how my parents took pride in not only being teachers, but also (wedding) photographers. And how the Richfield HS Drill Team would come over to our house and have their group photo take in our backyard (at our home in Waco).

I took a step further with photography myself and got a digital camera, so I could make videos that I shared with Mama after she became homebound. And thru these videos, I felt as if I had gone and experienced visiting places with her, such as the State Fair of TX, Gaylord’s SummerFest & ICE Show, and so many more events. And my most fond memory was feeling as if I had brought both of my parents to Waco this past Christmas when I showed them many family members giving them their Video Messages.

And now, I plan to continue trying to do what Mama did, which is “spread the word” by writing articles as well as taking pictures and making videos.

I hope to carry on her sweet special spirit as she always found something beautiful and took moments out of her life to appreciate those places and people, wherever she was.

This is the speech I gave at Mama’s funeral (she & my father adopted and raised me since I was 13 days old; Papa died 3/17/08 & Mama died 9/23/08):

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My (2010) Year in Review

2010 began with a rocky start as my mother-in-law (Lupe) died in January and lost my Uncle Bill in February;  Lupe had a seizure due to epilepsy causing her to fall, hit her head, and go brain dead; she is the first person I know of now that has donated organs.  One week after her funeral, I registered myself as an organ donor.  I even hosted a two hour, two part special on my talk show (Coffee Talk with Chelle) about Epilepsy and Organ Donations (interviewed Communications Director from LifeGift of Texas).  Uncle Bill initially was told he had two years to live when the doctor informed him he had prostate cancer, but somehow that two years timeframe ended up only being two weeks. 

I volunteered and taught Grief Recovery classes to Dallas-Fort Worth community for the second year; every person and his or her story touched my life.  I’m so proud of all of my students as it took alot of courage for them to open up to others and to do their homework assisgnements, but in the end, it helped every one of them. 

 It was bittersweet for me attending the annual Christmas memorial candlelight dinner this year, as my husband (David) and I lit a candle in honor and memory of Lupe.  Also, I visited with my former Grief Recovery students from these past couple of years.  I am taking a break from teaching the classes as I focus on becoming a Foster Care (and) Adoptive Mom eventually, hopefully. 

My husband and I attended the classes all day every Saturday during the month of October.  We have the Health Inspection appointment on Monday, Dec 27th and then we only lack the Home Study before we begin having child(ren) come into our home.  We pray every day for it all to work out and for us to a blessing to these child(ren).   We also continuously pray for a few close family members who have been seriously ill as well, including our 4 year old niece (aka our goddaughter) who’s been in and out of the hospital for these last few months of 2010 due to pneumonia and kidney infection; also my biological Mom who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (stage 3) at the end of October; she is currently on Round 3 chemo of 8, which will be followed by masectomy and radiation later on.  I joke alot with her since “laughter is the best medicine.”  I’m so thankful I’m able to help her out and drive to her to chemo, doctor appointments, and so on – just appreciate the 12 years we’ve been reunited and also each day we have together right now.  And then my biological father is not doing well, either as he’s having heart issues, and will be having major surgery on Jan 13th.  Trying to be strong for everyone. 

Speaking of adoption, I was thrilled to have met two Adoptee Celebrities in 2010, including both country singer Rodney Atkins and musician, Michael Franti (and Spearhead).  I handed Mr. Atkins a letter I had written him about my adoption story and thanking him for all he has done, as he has been the National Adoption Spokesperson a couple of times.  And then I had the honor of introducing Mr. Franti and his band on stage at House of Blues in Dallas back on Sept 30th.  

And speaking of artists, I also made a life dream come true of not only meeting Mr. Atkins and Mr. Franti, but also Brandon Hilton, who I have nicknamed “Beautifully Handsome.”  I had interviewed him in June (on Coffee Talk with Chelle) and then met him in Dallas on his birthday in July (our birthdays are only one week apart).  I even bought him a “Birthday Cake” shot.  And before he left town again to film a movie (which he is doing currently), I had the privilege of seeing him perform live two consecutive nights.  Hope I see him again in the near future, as he’s such a joy to be around. 

I’m so thankful for all my talk show guests and listeners.  Hosting “Coffee Talk with Chelle” has been an amazing experience for me thus far as I’ve interviewed people of various backgrounds, including Book Authors, such as Eva Miller about Adoption, Letricia Hendrix about Depression, and Robert Shaines, a veteran about his experience serving our country and forming a friendship with his prisoner.  Also have had Fashion Designer and Actor Joshy Lofty on my show and been fortunate enough to have become friends with him as well.  Enjoyed interviewing Rodenberry Dive Team’s Director Greg Martin, “Sounds Like a Revolution” documentary filmmaker Summer Love, Entrepreneur and PUP (personal utility pouch) Inventor, Jean Newell and fabric aerialist Kyla Duffy (“Up for Pups” show) many other inspiring people this year! 

As a way of showing gratitude and giving back to my listeners, I’m currently hosting a contest, “Coming Out of Your Shell” which the winner will be announced New Year’s Day and will receive a Prize Package that consists of all types of goodies donated by my past guests and also an opportunity for an Interview!  In case you’re interested, it isn’t too late to enter the contest as deadline isn’t until Dec 31st!  So, submit a video or blog to me via and share how you are or will be “Coming Out of Your Shell” now or in 2011 – basically, what are your New Year’s resolutions? 

Perhaps I’ll be sharing with you then mine, but for now I’ll just wrap this up by telling you all THANK YOU so much for your support!  Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays for the remainder of 2010 & Happy New Year in 2011!

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates: INTERVIEW with President Dawn Scott on Sunday, Oct 17th @8pm CT (til 9)

I will be interviewing Dawn Scott, President of Adoption Knowledge Affiliates in Austin, TX about adoption and their organization’s upcoming annual conference in November.  Call 347-215-7225 between 8pm until 9pm Central Time to listen and/or ask Dawn Questions live during the show.  Or go to

I have had the privliege of sharing my story about “My Life as Reunited Adoptee” thru giving a presentation for AKA a few years ago.  Also, I have served as panel member for Reunited Adoptees at a past annual conference.

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates is a place where adopted people, birth parents, adoptive parents and others are coming together to find a depth of understanding unimaginable before.

Whether you’re seeking to form a family through adoption, seeking information about family members you have been disconnected from or just seeking knowledge about the lifelong issues in adoption, AKA provides helpful information through educational resources, on-going programs, and emotional support.

At our events you will find people of great courage, choosing to sift through past and present perceptions about adoption in order to give voice to the losses, joys and hopes found in adoption’s reality. AKA is an organization where there is often a broadening of perspective, a change of heart, tears shed and relief found. AKA is a place where people are reaching out and growing stronger.

Learn more about AKA @


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