Letters to ELLEN from Chelle series: LETTER 38 (The Avengers)

Dear Ellen,

I keep finding myself waking to my mailbox every day to mail out a letter to you, but to check and see if any tickets for The Ellen Show came in mail each day, too.  It’s May 4th & I’m coming to Los Angeles really soon & hoping to make my biggest wish to meet you (on May 17th) come true?  (I wish for world peace, too.)

So, my husband (SuperDave) & I (“Wonder” Chelle) saw the Avengers tonite, but unfortunately, the couple next to us celebrated Cinco de Mayo (drinko-de-mayo) a day early & ruined the whole movie experience for us.(they were so obnoxiously rude)-no respect for our superheroes-the Avengers & the Rambler (you) & Agent Ellen (who has awesome dancing powers)-also you.  I think you really should try to hang out with Robert Downey Jr sometime!  That was so sweet of you to invite him to hang out at your & Portia’s casa.  And my husand & I agree with you; Robert Downey Jr should have to “star.”  (And I also think May 17th should be declared National Ellen Day.)  If I ever get to meet you, I’ve already nicknamed that “moment” of my lifetime to be called “ChEllen” as I already tell others I’m having “ChEllen” time whenever I’m watching The Ellen show, reading your book, etc as my name is Chelle & your name of course is Ellen.

Back to the Avengers, I can’t wait to see the movie already on DVD so I don’t hve to worry about any rude, drunk people around interrupting & I can really focus on everything.  (I did hear & see some of the movie, at least, & by the way, I’m adopted, but I did not kill 84 people like Thor’s brother did.)  Not all of us adoptees are evil in this world; I (always) try & hope to be a good person.

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day (freecomicbookday.com), so if you & Portia tag team it, y’all could get alot of free comic books, I bet!  Ellen, I keep having this dream of you & Portia playing board games vs my husband & me, but I always wake up before I discover which team wins (& still trying to figure out which game we’re playing, but I’m gonna guess a game with words since my hubby & I have been playing “Words with Friends” every night lately).

Ellen, may I please meet you May 17th, even if for a minute?  It would mean the WORLD to me!  And if possible, may my husband (David) & I attend the taping of The Ellen Show May 17th (this year 2012)?  We will sit on the floor (or) in bean bag chairs (or) stand-up, etc if all of your audience seats are already taken.  (Sidenote:  I did go thru proper protocl & requested two tickets for May 17th taping of your show thru your website quite awhile back, but haven’t gotten a reply yet, but don’t ever want to give up HOPE!)

Love & Peace,


(said like shell); yes I love seashells & when people say, “See, Chelle!” pointing something out to me…

“Be Brave. Love LIFE!”

P.S.  Hear me read any of the letters I’ve written to Ellen thus far by going to coffeetalkwithchelle.com & clicking on link on right-hand side of main page (Letters to Ellen from Chelle)

I’m writing one letter each day (for 50 consecutive days) until I go visit L.A. in May.


Sunday, Feb 20th @ 8pm CT: INTERVIEW with LIL NIQO, the Youngest & Most Talented!!!

Tune into “Coffee Talk with Chelle” Sunday, February 20th at 8pm Central Time – make sure to call 347-215-7225 so you can ask my special guest, LIL NIQO Questions LIVE beween 8pm CT until 9pm CT!

Check out the youngest & most talented Artist out there right now – LIL NIQO – had privilege of meeting him and seeing him perform Live twice during SuperBowl weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. And I knew I just had to interview this young man so the world will know all about him & his talent! Check out his website @ http://www.lilniqo.com & you will be amazed! It is no surprise to me that he is already signed to Def Jam Records!

(where there’s always variety in life)
*Airs Sunday nights
Switchboard: (347) 215-7225
*Listen/chat via phone/online

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Sunday, Oct 10th @ 8pm CT: INTERVIEW with former Idol EVA MILLER about her new book!

On SUNDAY, October 10th @ 8pm CT: INTERVIEW with former American Idol (Season 7) contestant, Eva Miller about her new book, “The Mysteries of Eva Miller Revealead” – on “Coffee Talk with Chelle” (on Blog Talk Radio)

CALL (347) 215-7225 or go to www.blogtalkradio.com/CoffeeTalkWithChelle to listen to the interview and ask Eva QUESTIONS LIVE between 8-9pm CT!

Former American Idol contestant Eva Miller takes you on an inspiring journey of both tragedy and triumph. Through her courage and faith, Eva set out on a mission to unravel the mysteries that shrouded her life, she never knew what could possibly await her. Join her as she shares her story of abandonment, abuse, and deception as the mysteries of Eva Miller are revealed.

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Listen to my interview with Director of RODENBERRY DIVE TEAM, Greg Martin anytime @ www.blogtalkradio.com/CoffeeTalkWithChelle
 (The creator of Star Trek, Gene Rodenberry’s son, “Rod” Rodenberry created this group & his friend, Greg is the Director)
In the same way that Star Trek portrays a future of universal acceptance and humankind’s exploration of space, the Roddenberry Dive Team is a real world effort to share the diversity of our planet and to educate, explore and preserve our Earth’s oceans for future generations. Roddenberry Dive Team is committed to the promotion of these ideals through safe diving activities; they are passionate about incorporating the philanthropic messages embedded in Star Trek into real world experiences for divers and non-divers around the world. Rodenberry Dive Team is committed to carrying on the legacy of optimism that was handed down to us by Gene Roddenberry. The Roddenberry Dive Team is made up of people just like you from all across the world, divers and non-divers alike who not only have an interest in ocean exploration and recreation but also a love for the vision and optimism that was handed down by Gene Roddenberry. The Roddenberry Dive Team was founded by Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry, son of Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett Roddenberry. It is Rod’s love of diving, exploration and the oceans that sparked the idea of the Roddenberry Dive Team. In his own words: “I have found the world beneath the sea to be one of the most exotic and magical places on Earth. For me, diving is a unique experience that quenches my thirst for adventure and discovery.“
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