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Writing my life-story…

has been the most cathartic experience ever!  I can’t believe I’m about to share it with the world!   well, the electronic version to start out, at least….on Valentine’s Day!  PreOrder your copy now at if you’d like to receive a message of hope and love via your email inbox 2/14/13 !

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Letter 23 to ELLEN DeGeneres from Chelle series: Hoping

Dear Ellen,

I always thought you were high-five’ing that producer guy, so I’m glad today is High-Five Day and you showed the footage and explained how you weren’t really high-five’ing him, but more like shaking his hand.  (Not that there’s anything wrong with  high-five’ing; heck I’d thought this whole time you were high-five’ing him).  So, what’s it is it called that you do when right before you shake that guy’s hand, a lady throws up in the air something for you to catch with your mouth?  (peanuts,nuts,cashews,mints, or what is it anyway that she is throwing up in the air for you to catch?)

It’s so good to see Wanda Sykes on your show today.  (I love seeing comedians together having conversation.)

So, how was your day?  I worked osme, worked out some, watched t.v. some.  It’s supposed to rain most of tomorrow here in Texas.  I’m looking forward to CA weather (except earthquakes, which believe it or not, I’ve already been in one here in Texas & was even on the news with my dog, Prescott all about that experience); anyway, when I visit Los Angeles for a few days in May, I’m going to pack various clothes so I can wear layers each day; I’ve been to California once before; it was San Francisco during summer 1996.  I recall how the day began really cold and then warmed up by afternoon and got really cold again by evening.  I am beginning to wonder now if I should mail my clothes to my hotel before my trip?  If not, I think I might need two suitcases full of clothes to wear layers!

So, what are you doing this weekend, Ellen?  There are so many choices, including Earth Day activities, such as going to see Chimpanzee (which I definitely will be doing during Opening Week; I love apes and Jane Goodall is one of my heroes);  I’m working Friday, going to a reunion for all three high schools from my hometown Saturday nite, and hosting my online talk show (Coffee Talk with Chelle) Sunday nite; feel free to call in & say “Hi!”  – you can call in anytime between 6pm Pacific Time thru 8pm PT on Sunday nites (including this Sunday, April 22nd) @ (347) 215-7225 & check out my main website @ where you can see info about myself & my talk show & upcoming book & more, but also you can hear me read any of my letters to you thus far, Ellen on there!  Just make sure to go to the main page & then look on far right-hand side of page where you see links listed & find “Letters to Ellen from Chelle series.”  Oh, by the way, I’m supposed to be going to my 20th high school reunion sometime this year; however, I’m not sure if that event will even be happening now since they are hosting this reunion Saturday nite for ALL class graduates for ALL high schools from my hometown.    So, we’ll see.

My hubby(SuperDave) is playing a video game; my doggy (Prescott) is sleeping on our bed.  And I’m about to say GoodNight & Sweet Dreams, but before I do I want to ask if I may please meet you May 17th when my husband & I have requested two tickets for the taping of your show when visiting L.A.  ***I’ve been thinking so positively that as soon as we even put in the requests for the two tickets to your show we booked hotel, flight, etc that SAME DAY in hopes that we will make it into your audience that day!  I believe ANYTHING is POSSIBLE!

At same time, I want to also let you know if you ever need anything, you can call me anytime, too!  I have enclosed in my letter I mailed out to you my contact info while at home & while in L.A. for few days in May.

Love & Peace,


“Be Brave. Love LIFE!”

A 17 year old male student has just been shot in the hallway

It was May 1993; my last day of freshman college; I had packed all of my items into the car when my Mom picked me up; as Mama & I were driving back to my parents’ house, we heard a breaking news alert come on the radio: “A 17 year old male student has just been shot in the hallway of Nimitz HS in Irving TX” – my father was teaching & there at that moment & many of my old hs friends were 17 year old male seniors that year; I began shaking & crying wondering what was happening; where my father & friends were & if they were ok; one of the scariest moments of my life as I waited to find out; Mama & I drove directly home & found my father there waiting for us as you can imagine, he was shaken up…and called all of my 17 yr old male sr friends & they were ok but I will never ever forget that moment, that day & pray every day for no one to go thru it ever again and yet here it is time and time again there are shootings at these schools including at Chardon HS in Ohio today; when will this ever end? How can we get these students to not bully anymore nor retaliate but rather connect & relate to each other? I think just asking each other the question & finishing the sentence “If You really knew me…” is just a start.
Help Crochet4Cause fundraiser which will be helping 16 different causes including Suicide Prevention/Anti-Bullying by spreading some LOVE around! Make donation at direct llnk here: (or) you can either search for Crochet4Cause @ (or) go to  Thank you for your support!
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Excerpt 3 from my upcoming (life-story) BOOK:

It was 1994 and we were only 20 years old and in love, so I thought…until one day he broke off our engagement.  He informed me he was gay and had been doing all he could to cover it up from his family and friends, Pastor and fellow church members, and his fellow Army soldiers and authorities.  I was such a close-minded person before then.  Freaking out at just a sight of a body piercing or tattoo was something I would often then do.  A PFLAG member spoke with me by phone for several hours that same night about her gay son and my breakup.  After a few counseling sessions and continuous support from PFLAG, I opened up my mind and heart and allowed so many more amazing people into my life afterwards.  That breakup changed my life, for the better, forever.  I would much rather me the person I am today than the one I was before.

Moving forward…into just these past few years, I found another source of inspiration as well.  This time, it was Brandon Hilton.  I first discovered him thru his personal youtube videos.  I fell in love with his personality instantly as he was so open about not just his sexuality, but simply everything…so much that it amazed me.  How could it be Brandon was so comfortable being openly gay with his family and friends and with the world, but my ex-fiance could not be?  A different time, a different world…then and now, perhaps?  Yet, I still witness others struggle at times with the issue even now.  (Just look at the fight just now finally won for DADT.)  I interviewed Brandon on my talk show (Coffee Talk with Chelle) a couple of years ago and met him few months later in person on his birthday one evening at a night club in Dallas (Station 4, my favorite).  The more we conversed, the more we found in common, including PFLAG helping pave out the paths of our lives, even if in different ways.  I was more than thrilled to discover his music and even had the privilege of interviewing him live via webcam from my home with the release of his last album, Nocturnal.  From coping with life issues by listening to his music and erasing the negativity from my life after being surrounded by his positive personality,  I’m not sure if Brandon will ever know how much he has helped me.


***PreOrder Chelle’s life story book titled after her talk show, “Coffee Talk with Chelle” at (est release date is late Jan 2012)

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Dear Ellen,

Thank you for being there in my life during many difficult times. I lost six family members within six months in 2008, including my (adoptive) parents and (biological) uncle (he died on my birthday). I also had two broken arms during that time in my life (I fell on my 5th wedding anniversary). And then my neighbor/friend, JoAnn died in December 2010 and my mother-in-law passed away unexpectedly January 12, 2010. And my uncle died from cancer February 2010. I went thru a Grief Recovery support class in in 2008 and have been helping assist teach these same classes since November 2008 and it has helped me tremendously. And so have you! I always know I can count on that one hour of escape from daily life each day with your show. Your sense of humor inspired me so much I auditioned for America’s Got Talent in Dallas in Jan 2010 with my “Comedy with Chelle” act. I didn’t get called back, but I finally can look back and have no regrets and know I tried! ANd I will keep trying again and again as well in all avenues of life. Thank you for always brightening up every day. My Mama would only watch your show and nothing else on t.v. the last few years of her life as she had Parkinson’s and those moments watching your show together with her are some of my fondest memories. It was her and my dream to meet you and it still is mine. Also, more recently, my biological Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (stage 3) on Oct 27th, 2010, went thru chemo,surgery,radation, & she is now NED (No Evidence of Disease)!  My bio Mom & I’ve been reunited 12 years now & I’m on her only child; we’re very close; been blessed to be neighbors these days (we’re only 10 min drive apart). And she and I discuss your show daily! It is my life dream to be on THe Ellen Show and be interviewed by you and share my story & give others hope – what do you say? Pretty please with sugar on top (unless you’re still on sugar free diet) then, you choose what goes on top? 🙂


THANKS for being you, Ellen!!!

Love & Peace, ‘Chelle

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