“Letter 22 to ELLEN DeGeneres from Chelle series: Got Talent?”

Dear Ellen,

Did yo uhave a wonderful Wednesday or just another day today?

I worked from home setting appointments for my boss.  Later on, my husband & I went to the new “In & Out Burger” located about 10 minute drive from where we live.  I’ve actually been to one before on the West Coast.  I rode in limo. that went thru the drive-thru at In & Out Burger in Las Vegas!  That was ALOT of FUN!  (although I admit I was a tad nervous when the driver was wrapping around the bend of the drive-thru wondering if the limo. would really fit & it DID!)  Anyway, it made a great cheat meal for me as I’ve been eating 3 meals & 2 snacks daily from The Fresh Diet.  LOVE that company!  They make everything tastes delicious!

My hubby (SuperDave), doggy (Prescott), & I are watching Britain’s Got Talent videos on youtube right now (don’t ya just love the Internet).  I’m loving these audition videos!  I’ve auditioned myself a couple of times for America’s Got Talent (comedy act), but even though I didn’t make it thru doesn’t mean I don’t have any talent, right?  I mean, for example, look at the Jabbawockeez!  They were turned down by AGT, but won ABDC!  This reminds me of why I love reality shows, especially those that give people a chance to make their life dreams come true!  Speaking of shows like that, that reminds of YOU & your show!  So, I wanted to ask you; “May I please meet you in MAY, Ellen? May 17th specifically, if possible; I’ve requested a couple of tickets for my husband & myself to attend the taping of your show on that date, but I understand it’s a wait & see if we get the tickets, actually.  I’ll keep hoping & believing & thinking positively!   Meeting you would mean everything to me!  Best prize of all would not be cash nor prizes but MEETING YOU, Ellen!  That’s what I wish for!

Love & Peace,


(said like Shell; yes, I love seaShells & I love it when people say “See, Chelle!” pointing something out to me)

“Be Brave. Love LIFE!”

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