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Day 1 of My New Life

So, it has begun my journey to change my lifestyle habits with diet & exercise not just starting today but going forward permanently.  Time for me to finally once and for all get on track & live healthy lifestyle.  This is Week One.

I’d been thinking about how I’ve been hiding behind the scenes most of the time when I’m hosting my online talk show ( that’s “audio” style since Feb 2009, but now it’s time for me to take it up to the next level, which I will do by traveling to Los Angeles in May & The Carolinas (probably in June) & meeting,interviewing past Guests of “Coffee Talk with Chelle” LIVE via VIDEO in person!  So, I have even more motivation now than the apparent reasons of wanting to feel & look great!

So on March 19th, I began eating meals from The Fresh Diet as well as replacing one meal per day with (chocolate flavored) Shakeology shake.  Unfortunately, due to getting blisters on my legs from minor injury & coming down with cold-like symptoms past few days, I haven’t begun working out nearly as much as I’d hoped to yet.  I can barely walk without excruciating pain.   In meantime, though I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the various flavors & meals from The Fresh Diet.  I also appreciate the convenience of the delivery at my doorstep each day of prepared meals, which I then stock in my refrigerator for the next day.  Looking forward to blogging & sharing more with all of you soon this new journey!  In meantime, I’ve made investments for spring/summer activities, such as a bike, theme park season pass, water park season pass, & have zumba & yoga dvds at home. And bought a second dance pad to compete vs my husband for fun with dance video game (via Playstation 2).

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