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Rolling Stones 4 Ade

In honor of Ade, 15 year old son of the lead singer of Chelle’s favorite band, Michael franti & Spearhead & her friend, Mr. Franti; Chelle & David have named their team, “Rolling Stones 4 Ade.”  *Ade is currently at 50% kidney function & was recently diagnosed with FSGS.  *Will you please make a donation towards our fundraising efforts for this important cause (or) join us & partcipate in this walk? 
If so go here:
or find “Rolling Stones 4 Ade” team (or Chelle Baxter as participant) @
THANKS for your support!!!
Love & Peace,
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Sunday, Feb 20th @ 8pm CT: INTERVIEW with LIL NIQO, the Youngest & Most Talented!!!

Tune into “Coffee Talk with Chelle” Sunday, February 20th at 8pm Central Time – make sure to call 347-215-7225 so you can ask my special guest, LIL NIQO Questions LIVE beween 8pm CT until 9pm CT!

Check out the youngest & most talented Artist out there right now – LIL NIQO – had privilege of meeting him and seeing him perform Live twice during SuperBowl weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. And I knew I just had to interview this young man so the world will know all about him & his talent! Check out his website @ & you will be amazed! It is no surprise to me that he is already signed to Def Jam Records!

(where there’s always variety in life)
*Airs Sunday nights
Switchboard: (347) 215-7225
*Listen/chat via phone/online

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My (2010) Year in Review

2010 began with a rocky start as my mother-in-law (Lupe) died in January and lost my Uncle Bill in February;  Lupe had a seizure due to epilepsy causing her to fall, hit her head, and go brain dead; she is the first person I know of now that has donated organs.  One week after her funeral, I registered myself as an organ donor.  I even hosted a two hour, two part special on my talk show (Coffee Talk with Chelle) about Epilepsy and Organ Donations (interviewed Communications Director from LifeGift of Texas).  Uncle Bill initially was told he had two years to live when the doctor informed him he had prostate cancer, but somehow that two years timeframe ended up only being two weeks. 

I volunteered and taught Grief Recovery classes to Dallas-Fort Worth community for the second year; every person and his or her story touched my life.  I’m so proud of all of my students as it took alot of courage for them to open up to others and to do their homework assisgnements, but in the end, it helped every one of them. 

 It was bittersweet for me attending the annual Christmas memorial candlelight dinner this year, as my husband (David) and I lit a candle in honor and memory of Lupe.  Also, I visited with my former Grief Recovery students from these past couple of years.  I am taking a break from teaching the classes as I focus on becoming a Foster Care (and) Adoptive Mom eventually, hopefully. 

My husband and I attended the classes all day every Saturday during the month of October.  We have the Health Inspection appointment on Monday, Dec 27th and then we only lack the Home Study before we begin having child(ren) come into our home.  We pray every day for it all to work out and for us to a blessing to these child(ren).   We also continuously pray for a few close family members who have been seriously ill as well, including our 4 year old niece (aka our goddaughter) who’s been in and out of the hospital for these last few months of 2010 due to pneumonia and kidney infection; also my biological Mom who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (stage 3) at the end of October; she is currently on Round 3 chemo of 8, which will be followed by masectomy and radiation later on.  I joke alot with her since “laughter is the best medicine.”  I’m so thankful I’m able to help her out and drive to her to chemo, doctor appointments, and so on – just appreciate the 12 years we’ve been reunited and also each day we have together right now.  And then my biological father is not doing well, either as he’s having heart issues, and will be having major surgery on Jan 13th.  Trying to be strong for everyone. 

Speaking of adoption, I was thrilled to have met two Adoptee Celebrities in 2010, including both country singer Rodney Atkins and musician, Michael Franti (and Spearhead).  I handed Mr. Atkins a letter I had written him about my adoption story and thanking him for all he has done, as he has been the National Adoption Spokesperson a couple of times.  And then I had the honor of introducing Mr. Franti and his band on stage at House of Blues in Dallas back on Sept 30th.  

And speaking of artists, I also made a life dream come true of not only meeting Mr. Atkins and Mr. Franti, but also Brandon Hilton, who I have nicknamed “Beautifully Handsome.”  I had interviewed him in June (on Coffee Talk with Chelle) and then met him in Dallas on his birthday in July (our birthdays are only one week apart).  I even bought him a “Birthday Cake” shot.  And before he left town again to film a movie (which he is doing currently), I had the privilege of seeing him perform live two consecutive nights.  Hope I see him again in the near future, as he’s such a joy to be around. 

I’m so thankful for all my talk show guests and listeners.  Hosting “Coffee Talk with Chelle” has been an amazing experience for me thus far as I’ve interviewed people of various backgrounds, including Book Authors, such as Eva Miller about Adoption, Letricia Hendrix about Depression, and Robert Shaines, a veteran about his experience serving our country and forming a friendship with his prisoner.  Also have had Fashion Designer and Actor Joshy Lofty on my show and been fortunate enough to have become friends with him as well.  Enjoyed interviewing Rodenberry Dive Team’s Director Greg Martin, “Sounds Like a Revolution” documentary filmmaker Summer Love, Entrepreneur and PUP (personal utility pouch) Inventor, Jean Newell and fabric aerialist Kyla Duffy (“Up for Pups” show) many other inspiring people this year! 

As a way of showing gratitude and giving back to my listeners, I’m currently hosting a contest, “Coming Out of Your Shell” which the winner will be announced New Year’s Day and will receive a Prize Package that consists of all types of goodies donated by my past guests and also an opportunity for an Interview!  In case you’re interested, it isn’t too late to enter the contest as deadline isn’t until Dec 31st!  So, submit a video or blog to me via and share how you are or will be “Coming Out of Your Shell” now or in 2011 – basically, what are your New Year’s resolutions? 

Perhaps I’ll be sharing with you then mine, but for now I’ll just wrap this up by telling you all THANK YOU so much for your support!  Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays for the remainder of 2010 & Happy New Year in 2011!

Sunday, July 11th @ 8pm CT: INTERVIEW with documentary filmmaker Summer Love: “Sounds like a Revolution”

Sounds Like a Revolution is a pro-active and energizing documentary about a new generation of activist musicians who are living proof that music is an important and powerful tool in the ongoing struggle for social change.
From the Dixie Chicks to Michael Franti to the punk band Anti-Flag, artists across the musical spectrum recount their motivations and struggles in a post-9/11 environment where dissent was silenced and censorship was commonplace.
With themes that explore the role of artists in society, freedom of expression and democratic participation, Sounds Like a Revolution presents a unique historical perspective behind the new wave of protest music sweeping America and offers new hope for the future.
Learn more about this upcoming documentary at

Sounds Like a Revolution – HD Trailer from Deltatime Productions on Vimeo.

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ReStart for Eminem, Kanye West, Chris Brown, & many others!

Finally!  I believed in each and every one of you and now you yourselves do, too!  The “ReStart” for Eminem, Kanye West, Chris Brown, & many others has officially begun.

Kanye West interrupted, Chris Brown abused, and Eminem relapsed.  But, now West raps about “Power,” Brown sobs while trying to sing “Man in the Mirror,” and Eminem shares his story thru his new single, “Not Afraid.” 

Thank you all for inspiring others to move forward.  Life is too short not to do so.  I commend all of them for trying to become better people. 

West grieves for his mother while Eminem copes with the loss of his best friend.  And Brown deals with past issues of abuse.  I (volunteer) teach Grief Recovery classes to our community and understand how any of these issues could affect someone dramatically.  I am so thankful that each of them are facing these various types of losses head-on now.  What a wonderful thing to see and how inspiring!  For all of them, I wish a wonderful “ReStart” on life.

How about yourself?  Will this be the first day of a “ReStart” in your life?  Because if you woke up, then it’s a great time to do so today!

Sidenote:  I made this video blog September 23, 2009 and now I write this blog almost a year later (July 1, 2010).

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INTERVIEW with Internet Celebrity BRANDON HILTON: Popstar, Model & Actor!

I’ll be interviewing Internet Celebrity BRANDON HILTON (Popstar, Model & Actor!) on Sunday, June 6th @ 8-10pm CT.  Call (347) 215-7225 or go to *Listen/Chat by phone/online 

Here’s your chance to ask Mr. Hilton that Question you’ve always wanted to!

And in the meantime check out his website at

About Brandon Hilton:

You may have seen the face or heard the name, but you dont really know the person, now is your chance to get a one on one intimate look into the REAL person that is BRANDON HILTON!

Born in South Carolina, Brandon grew up with a huge passion for music and spent most of his adolescent years in programs that allowed him to excel in his talent, at age 13 Brandon found himself thrown into The Fashion Industry, and his love for music was placed on the back burner.

Now at 22 years old, Brandon is back with an entirely new sound and style all his own, and he’s ready to share his art with the world!

Brandon Hilton states “he doesn’t like to think of himself as a “celebrity” because he doesn’t feel he has reached that status in his career, but wants to achieve “Fame” in his own way by inspiring people through his art and music.”

What started as a hobby with friends, circa Brandon’s first song release “I Kissed A Boy” a Katy Perry Cover, which drew attention from people as far away as Germany, and landed Brandon an Interview on German Radio which brought huge exposure to his music career in Germany. As well as over 2 million Youtube Hits in 5 months, and even praised by Katy herself via her website blog. Brandon is now turning his passion for music and the talent he’s achieved his entire life into a career.

About to give up? Well, don’t! Did you know…?

Michael Franti & Spearhead and Cherine Anderson

Wow! Where do I begin? I attended the John Mayer concert last night in Dallas with Michael Franti & Spearhead and Cherine Anderson as the Opening Act. I admit it was the first time I have ever purchased concert tickets solely for the Opening Act and not the main one. And it was so worth it! They have the most uplifting music and were very interactive with the crowd.

I first discovered Michael Franti thru his hit song, “Say Hey (I Love You).” And then not long afterwards, my husband and I were watching Dave Thomas’ “Home for the Holidays annual t.v. special about adoption). And listened to Mr. Franti share his story about being a adopted and then sang, “Have a Little Faith.”

As time went on, I discovered we have alot in common. Both of us are reunited adoptees, had serious emergency appendix surgeries, lost parents in early 30s, but also have similar beliefs.

Although I did not have the opportunity to meet him in person, I am so thankful I had the privilege of seeing Michal Franti perform live last night. And also can not thank Mix 94.7 radio station in Austin, TX enough as their awesome DJ, Nikki Nite (aka @nikkinite947 on twitter) printed out and handed my “Open Letter” to Mr. Franti himself during her interview with him a couple of days ago and also got his autograph, which she will be mailing to me.

Love & Peace,

Open Letter for Michael Franti

May I please meet you, Mr. Franti?

I will be attending your concert at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX on Tuesday, March 9th with my husband @ Section 324, Row G, Seats 9 & 10.

I have been reunited with my entire biological family for 11 years and lost 6 family members within six months in 2008, including both of my adoptive parents who raised me as well as an uncle I knew for a decade (he was my birth mom’s brother and he died on my birthday). I’ve had over 20 surgeries since 1999 (due to endometriosis causing complications/my birth mom had this female disease, also). And I had appendicitis in 2009 (I saw your appendix surgery videos; and so glad you’re OKAY now!)

Also I had a hysterectomy at age 29 due to severe endometriosis; however, I have always had peace in my heart about it as I want to adopt children and give back to what I was given – a wonderful life -thanks to my adoptive parents (RIP Mama & Papa).

I can not begin to thank you, your bandmates as well as all of your family enough as you all share you with us and your music has helped so many, including myself. I was able to smile and dance again after my parents died when I heard the lyrics include “Mama” and “Papa” in “Say Hey” song as that’s what I called my mother and father.

Love & Peace,

P.S. I host an online talk show, Coffee Talk with Chelle @ on Sunday nights, 8-10pm CT; please feel free to call in sometime and say HI @ 347-215-7225.

I want to share these videos with you: