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Writing my life-story…

has been the most cathartic experience ever!  I can’t believe I’m about to share it with the world!   well, the electronic version to start out, at least….on Valentine’s Day!  PreOrder your copy now at if you’d like to receive a message of hope and love via your email inbox 2/14/13 !

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INTRODUCTION to my Life-Story Book (titled “Coffee Talk with Chelle”)

I was adopted at 13 days old, raised by two high school teacher parents, and reunited with entire biological family at 24 years old. This sums up my life in a nutshell, but there is so much more within. In 2008, I lost six family members within six months, including my adoptive parents and had two broken arms in 2008. This taught me many life lessons, and looking back now, I realize I had six guardian angels and two wings to help me fly through that tumultuous time. I have come full circle in so many ways. From an adoptee to a reunited adoptee, Grief Recovery student to GR Teacher, chatterbox to Talk Show Host, college student to graduate , daughter to motherhood thru foster care, selfish to selfless (volunteer) and so much more. I hope you will join me on this journey including the ups and downs as you read thru the various chapters of my life. And more than anything else, my wish is for you to obtain a sense of HOPE. That to me, is the best feeling and gift in the world {other than the present (now) being a present (gift)}. Hope keeps us going…gives us something to hold onto no matter how difficult something may seem. I will warn you now that not every bit of this story is all pretty as there is some nitty gritty, but we will get thru it together and at the end, I think you will find out what the saying, “Everything happens for a reason” really means.


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About to give up? Well, don’t! Did you know…?

Open Letter for Michael Franti

May I please meet you, Mr. Franti?

I will be attending your concert at American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX on Tuesday, March 9th with my husband @ Section 324, Row G, Seats 9 & 10.

I have been reunited with my entire biological family for 11 years and lost 6 family members within six months in 2008, including both of my adoptive parents who raised me as well as an uncle I knew for a decade (he was my birth mom’s brother and he died on my birthday). I’ve had over 20 surgeries since 1999 (due to endometriosis causing complications/my birth mom had this female disease, also). And I had appendicitis in 2009 (I saw your appendix surgery videos; and so glad you’re OKAY now!)

Also I had a hysterectomy at age 29 due to severe endometriosis; however, I have always had peace in my heart about it as I want to adopt children and give back to what I was given – a wonderful life -thanks to my adoptive parents (RIP Mama & Papa).

I can not begin to thank you, your bandmates as well as all of your family enough as you all share you with us and your music has helped so many, including myself. I was able to smile and dance again after my parents died when I heard the lyrics include “Mama” and “Papa” in “Say Hey” song as that’s what I called my mother and father.

Love & Peace,

P.S. I host an online talk show, Coffee Talk with Chelle @ on Sunday nights, 8-10pm CT; please feel free to call in sometime and say HI @ 347-215-7225.

I want to share these videos with you: