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Writing my life-story…

has been the most cathartic experience ever!  I can’t believe I’m about to share it with the world!   well, the electronic version to start out, at least….on Valentine’s Day!  PreOrder your copy now at if you’d like to receive a message of hope and love via your email inbox 2/14/13 !

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Be Brave. Love LIFE!

be brave love LIFE bracelet jpeg

Find out how to request this “Be Brave.  Love LIFE!”  (glow in the dark) wristband @  
These were the words on the necklace Chelle wore at her mother’s funeral;  her mother was the last of six family members who died within six months in 2008 (including her father) while crocheting with her two broken arms daily in midst of her family deaths (for physical therapy).  Chelle had two broken arms and a broken heart, but NEVER a broken spirit!

Excerpt 3 from my upcoming (life-story) BOOK:

It was 1994 and we were only 20 years old and in love, so I thought…until one day he broke off our engagement.  He informed me he was gay and had been doing all he could to cover it up from his family and friends, Pastor and fellow church members, and his fellow Army soldiers and authorities.  I was such a close-minded person before then.  Freaking out at just a sight of a body piercing or tattoo was something I would often then do.  A PFLAG member spoke with me by phone for several hours that same night about her gay son and my breakup.  After a few counseling sessions and continuous support from PFLAG, I opened up my mind and heart and allowed so many more amazing people into my life afterwards.  That breakup changed my life, for the better, forever.  I would much rather me the person I am today than the one I was before.

Moving forward…into just these past few years, I found another source of inspiration as well.  This time, it was Brandon Hilton.  I first discovered him thru his personal youtube videos.  I fell in love with his personality instantly as he was so open about not just his sexuality, but simply everything…so much that it amazed me.  How could it be Brandon was so comfortable being openly gay with his family and friends and with the world, but my ex-fiance could not be?  A different time, a different world…then and now, perhaps?  Yet, I still witness others struggle at times with the issue even now.  (Just look at the fight just now finally won for DADT.)  I interviewed Brandon on my talk show (Coffee Talk with Chelle) a couple of years ago and met him few months later in person on his birthday one evening at a night club in Dallas (Station 4, my favorite).  The more we conversed, the more we found in common, including PFLAG helping pave out the paths of our lives, even if in different ways.  I was more than thrilled to discover his music and even had the privilege of interviewing him live via webcam from my home with the release of his last album, Nocturnal.  From coping with life issues by listening to his music and erasing the negativity from my life after being surrounded by his positive personality,  I’m not sure if Brandon will ever know how much he has helped me.


***PreOrder Chelle’s life story book titled after her talk show, “Coffee Talk with Chelle” at (est release date is late Jan 2012)

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INTRODUCTION to my Life-Story Book (titled “Coffee Talk with Chelle”)

I was adopted at 13 days old, raised by two high school teacher parents, and reunited with entire biological family at 24 years old. This sums up my life in a nutshell, but there is so much more within. In 2008, I lost six family members within six months, including my adoptive parents and had two broken arms in 2008. This taught me many life lessons, and looking back now, I realize I had six guardian angels and two wings to help me fly through that tumultuous time. I have come full circle in so many ways. From an adoptee to a reunited adoptee, Grief Recovery student to GR Teacher, chatterbox to Talk Show Host, college student to graduate , daughter to motherhood thru foster care, selfish to selfless (volunteer) and so much more. I hope you will join me on this journey including the ups and downs as you read thru the various chapters of my life. And more than anything else, my wish is for you to obtain a sense of HOPE. That to me, is the best feeling and gift in the world {other than the present (now) being a present (gift)}. Hope keeps us going…gives us something to hold onto no matter how difficult something may seem. I will warn you now that not every bit of this story is all pretty as there is some nitty gritty, but we will get thru it together and at the end, I think you will find out what the saying, “Everything happens for a reason” really means.


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Sunday, Oct 10th @ 8pm CT: INTERVIEW with former Idol EVA MILLER about her new book!

On SUNDAY, October 10th @ 8pm CT: INTERVIEW with former American Idol (Season 7) contestant, Eva Miller about her new book, “The Mysteries of Eva Miller Revealead” – on “Coffee Talk with Chelle” (on Blog Talk Radio)

CALL (347) 215-7225 or go to to listen to the interview and ask Eva QUESTIONS LIVE between 8-9pm CT!

Former American Idol contestant Eva Miller takes you on an inspiring journey of both tragedy and triumph. Through her courage and faith, Eva set out on a mission to unravel the mysteries that shrouded her life, she never knew what could possibly await her. Join her as she shares her story of abandonment, abuse, and deception as the mysteries of Eva Miller are revealed.

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