Coffee Talk with Chelle celebrates Christmas in GRAPEVINE TX

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UPCOMING TOPICS for “Coffee Talk with Chelle”

“COFFEE TALK with Chelle”  

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on “Coffee Talk with Chelle” include:


Sunday, November 21st:
@8pm CT (til 9):  INTERVIEW with Comedienne Ms. SHAWN PELOFSKY
@9pm CT (til 10): How are you “COMING OUT of YOUR SHELL?”
Sunday, November 28th:
@ 8pm CT (til 9): DIABETES
@ 9pm CT (til 10): COUNTING YOUR BLESSINGS (What are you thankful for?)

My full length written speech for Michael Franti & Spearhead

I have had the privilege of getting to see a sneak peak of an inspiring new documentary called “Sounds Like a Revolution”. The film premieres in America tomorrow at the Woodstock Film Festival; it features Mr. Michael Franti, Rage Against the Machine, the Dixie Chicks and a host of other artists involved with the new wave of protest music sweeping across America; make sure to grab a copy of this flyer off the merchandise table & check out the trailer @

After watching this documentary & learning more about what Mr. Franti and other artists like him go thru to stand up and sing for what they believe, it makes me appreciate them that much more! Don’t y’all just love that Spearhead released their latest album recently on World Peace Day?  Me, too!

And now, I am humbled and honored to say the least to introduce a man and his band who helped me find the joy of life again after both of my adoptive parents died in 2008 when I first heard a hit song one day on my car radio that you might know called “Say Hey (I Love You)”….and here I stand today, as my husband and I are about to begin the process to become parents ourselves thru adoption, which by the way is my “Sound of Sunshine   It is without a doubt my greatest pleasure to introduce to you my favorite musician of all time & a reunited adoptee, just like me.

Please give it up for this beautiful human being and his amazing band:  let’s hear it for MICHAEL FRANTI and SPEARHEAD!!!      

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Michael Franti & Spearhead and Cherine Anderson

Wow! Where do I begin? I attended the John Mayer concert last night in Dallas with Michael Franti & Spearhead and Cherine Anderson as the Opening Act. I admit it was the first time I have ever purchased concert tickets solely for the Opening Act and not the main one. And it was so worth it! They have the most uplifting music and were very interactive with the crowd.

I first discovered Michael Franti thru his hit song, “Say Hey (I Love You).” And then not long afterwards, my husband and I were watching Dave Thomas’ “Home for the Holidays annual t.v. special about adoption). And listened to Mr. Franti share his story about being a adopted and then sang, “Have a Little Faith.”

As time went on, I discovered we have alot in common. Both of us are reunited adoptees, had serious emergency appendix surgeries, lost parents in early 30s, but also have similar beliefs.

Although I did not have the opportunity to meet him in person, I am so thankful I had the privilege of seeing Michal Franti perform live last night. And also can not thank Mix 94.7 radio station in Austin, TX enough as their awesome DJ, Nikki Nite (aka @nikkinite947 on twitter) printed out and handed my “Open Letter” to Mr. Franti himself during her interview with him a couple of days ago and also got his autograph, which she will be mailing to me.

Love & Peace,