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Life is Precious

 I have always thought fondly of PFLAG as this organization helped me tremendously at a very difficult time in my life.  When I was 20 years old, I was engaged, and my fiance broke off our engagement and the reason was because he was gay.  At that time, he only told me first;  I will never forget that very night of the day we broke up, a mother of a gay son from the local PFLAG chapter called me and we spoke on the phone late that night for a few hours.  Then, a few days later, my now “ex” fiance attempted suicide and thank goodness, was unsuccessful.  He was placed in a mental hospital for awhile.  He had told his family and friends and many of them, including his own parents unwelcomed him back into their lives afterwards.  And it led him to the suicide attempt.  Last I knew he was doing better.  Since my ex fiance was in Army reserves when we dated and then went into full time Army after we broke up, we lost touch, but I always pray and hope the best for him.

This is a poem I shared with him that I had written when another friend of mine who had attempted suicide when I was in high school:
Life is Precious
by Chelle
Life is filled with so many wonderful things
Friends, family, and love are all samplings
Before you jump off that bridge, think of the loved ones
you would hurt the most
Think about your parents who love to boast
About their child
Before you stab yourself with that knife,
Think once more about your life
Look back to all of the people from the past
Think of that one friendship that will always last
So before you decide to make your life come to an end,
Just remember:  in your life, you’ve always got a friend
No one could ever ask for anything more
My friend, think again before making the worst mistake
And ask the Lord for help
Because He loves you so much that he put His own life at stake.
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