Be Brave. Love LIFE!

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These were the words on the necklace Chelle wore at her mother’s funeral;  her mother was the last of six family members who died within six months in 2008 (including her father) while crocheting with her two broken arms daily in midst of her family deaths (for physical therapy).  Chelle had two broken arms and a broken heart, but NEVER a broken spirit!

INTRODUCTION to my Life-Story Book (titled “Coffee Talk with Chelle”)

I was adopted at 13 days old, raised by two high school teacher parents, and reunited with entire biological family at 24 years old. This sums up my life in a nutshell, but there is so much more within. In 2008, I lost six family members within six months, including my adoptive parents and had two broken arms in 2008. This taught me many life lessons, and looking back now, I realize I had six guardian angels and two wings to help me fly through that tumultuous time. I have come full circle in so many ways. From an adoptee to a reunited adoptee, Grief Recovery student to GR Teacher, chatterbox to Talk Show Host, college student to graduate , daughter to motherhood thru foster care, selfish to selfless (volunteer) and so much more. I hope you will join me on this journey including the ups and downs as you read thru the various chapters of my life. And more than anything else, my wish is for you to obtain a sense of HOPE. That to me, is the best feeling and gift in the world {other than the present (now) being a present (gift)}. Hope keeps us going…gives us something to hold onto no matter how difficult something may seem. I will warn you now that not every bit of this story is all pretty as there is some nitty gritty, but we will get thru it together and at the end, I think you will find out what the saying, “Everything happens for a reason” really means.


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She was my Sunshine…

A picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll try my best to say some. Mama taught me so much in life; sometimes by giving me advice; other times, when she said nothing at all. I watched her go thru so many surgeries while I was growing up. And she gave me the courage to get thru my own.

She loved dogs as I do now. David & I adopted a 3 month old lhasa-apso/cairne terrier mix a few weeks after my father (Papa) died. I brought “Prescott” on many occassions when I visited Mama at the nursing home. No matter what, it was just about guaranteed she would smile on those days.

Mama also had a passion for Journalism, especially Photography. I recall her stopping various places to take that special unique shot of some place, someone, and some thing and it always turned out so beautiful.

I received the passion for Journalism from her; I’ve written articles on various topics and my favorite part is when a reader of them would contact me and felt I had “Spread the Word”about a cause or something.

Photography by Mama was amazing to me as I’d look thru tons of photo albums frequently while growing up. My favorite pictures she took were not only of bluebonnets, sunsets, and other beauties of nature, but also people.

I loved how my parents took pride in not only being teachers, but also (wedding) photographers. And how the Richfield HS Drill Team would come over to our house and have their group photo take in our backyard (at our home in Waco).

I took a step further with photography myself and got a digital camera, so I could make videos that I shared with Mama after she became homebound. And thru these videos, I felt as if I had gone and experienced visiting places with her, such as the State Fair of TX, Gaylord’s SummerFest & ICE Show, and so many more events. And my most fond memory was feeling as if I had brought both of my parents to Waco this past Christmas when I showed them many family members giving them their Video Messages.

And now, I plan to continue trying to do what Mama did, which is “spread the word” by writing articles as well as taking pictures and making videos.

I hope to carry on her sweet special spirit as she always found something beautiful and took moments out of her life to appreciate those places and people, wherever she was.

This is the speech I gave at Mama’s funeral (she & my father adopted and raised me since I was 13 days old; Papa died 3/17/08 & Mama died 9/23/08):

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Breaded BEEF CUTLETS with White Gravy over Rice

Today would have been Mama’s birthday and to celebrate my mother’s life, I chose to make my favorite dish she ever made – veal cutlets (well I made beef cutlets actually because I couldn’t find veal sold anywhere in my hometown).  Thanks to my friend and Chef Angela McKeller who gave me the confidence (and some instructions) to do this!  I simplified it as much as I could:  Check out the picture below and keep checking back as I’ll post the ingredients and instructions for this dish soon!

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Mother’s Day Dedications

Email me your favorite “Moment with Mom” stories to and it might be read on air during my show on Mother’s Day!

Sunday, May 9th @ 8pm CT

Coffee Talk with Chelle

Listen/chat by phone/online


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